Clixit 24-Unit Display

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This attractive counter display holds 6 units of each Clixit acne skincare product.

This shipper is not sold as a single unit, making it convenient and affordable to restock as needed after initial stocked purchase.

  • 6 Units Foaming Cleanser
  • 6 Units Acne Eraser
  • 6 Units Heal & Conceal (any color or mix of colors)
  • 6 Units Sport Wipes

Beautiful and compact, this display is ideal for small spaces, counter tops, and shelving.
Display Dimensions: 16 w X 9 d X 10 d


Clixit® Acne Eraser – our amazing solution heals acne fast. Powerful blend of sulfur, camphor, and salicylic acid with cucumber and licorice extracts to reduce swelling and calm inflamed skin, and tea tree oil and thyme to control oil production, all work together to heal acne in half the time!

Clixit® Heal & Conceal – not just any concealer – this product provides day-long coverage to hide blemishes while reducing inflammation and promoting the healing process (three shades available – Light; Medium; Dark).

Clixit® Foaming Cleanser – a luxurious, gentle, foaming cleanser for acne prone skin with advanced oil controlling ingredients to keep skin blemish free without over drying while aloe, chamomile and witch hazel condition and soften the skin.

Clixit® Sport Wipes – packed with natural botanical (no alcohol) these 5 x 7 wipes instantly remove sweat, oil and grime after any workout, keeping it clean and clear on the go – ideal for all ages and all skin types.

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Heal & Conceal Colors

Light, Medium, Dark

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