The exact causes of acne are not the same for everyone since some struggle with severe forms of acne while others experience mild to moderate acne or just the occasional breakout. So what triggers these breakouts? There are several risk factors that have been identified:

  • Age – teenagers are more likely to develop acne as a result of hormonal changes they experience.
  • Gender – boys often develop more severe acne and are afflicted more often than girls.
  • Disease – hormonal disorders can complicate acne in girls.
  • Heredity – individuals with a family history of acne have greater susceptibility to the disease.
  • Hormonal changes – acne can flare up before menstruation, during pregnancy and menopause.
  • Stress – anxiety and emotional stress can cause breakouts.
  • Diet – no foods actually cause acne, but certain foods may cause flare-ups such as junk food, refined sugars, saturated fats, and hydrogenated fats. On the other hand, there is compelling evidence that healthy foods can help prevent acne.
  • Personal hygiene – use of abrasive soaps, aggressive washing, or picking at pimples will make the condition worse.
  • Environment – air pollution, smoke, grease, oils, and sweating can aggravate acne.