Did you know that your cell phone has 18 times more bacteria than a toilet at a public restroom?

Every single thing we touch throughout the day, ends up on the cell phone. Yet, we don’t think twice about pulling out our phones whenever we need, and give even less thought to the germs we are depositing on them.

Our cell phones don’t just collect the bacteria from all of the things we touch, they breed bacteria! That’s because cell phones are almost always warm from the battery and they are generally stored in dark places (think purses, pockets, etc). This makes the cell phone the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Where does all that bacteria end up? On your face! Yup, the next thing you know, you are breaking out in places where your cell phone touches your face and you don’t understand why. Now you know.

It’s called acne mechanica – and you can avoid it by cleaning your cell phone regularly with anti-bacterial wipes. Keep them with you wherever you go. These slim packets fit in pockets and purses, desk drawers, or bedside tables. Even if you just clean your phone once a day,  it will help keep down the spread of acne-causing bacteria – and you will have clearer skin!