Controlling acne can be difficult. There is a multitude of medications and topical treatments to help, however, there are simple things you can do to help control/prevent breakouts and new infections:

Always wash your hair in the shower first, then your face and back.

Try to drink 4-6 glass of water each day to flush toxins from the body.

Do not spray perfume or cologne on sides of the neck – this will stimulate oil glands by more than 25% producing more oil on the surface of the skin.

If you play sports, always shower or wash the skin immediately following activity to remove sweat and oil from the skin. If you cannot shower or wash right away, use Acne Cleansing Wipes to remove sweat and oil from face.

Avoid wearing hats and caps – these irritate the skin. Oils and sweat on the hat or cap form bacteria that will infect the skin, causing a breakout. To avoid this, wash hats and caps frequently.

Clean the face of your cell phone twice a week with an alcohol wipe or glass cleaner to keep it oil and bacteria free.

Change your pillowcase frequently – your face is constantly secreting oil (sebum), even when you sleep.  Pillowcases soak up sebum from your skin, and over time, the pillowcase gets dirty.  If you sleep on a dirty pillowcase, you are essentially re-infecting your skin each night. Simply wash your pillowcases every few days or every week.

Avoid touching your face with your hands.  This is easier said than done since we touch our faces all the time. However, oils and dirt on our hands can irritate the skin and this can lead to breakouts.  Try not touching your face for a few days and see if it helps control your acne. If you find this hard to do, try keeping a Kleenex handy and use that if you feel the need to itch or touch your face.

Keep your cliXit™  acne eraser handy – it’s small and discrete. Use it as a spot treatment after a shower morning and night. Keep it in your gym back, in your locker, pocket or pocketbook. Use it to spot treat breakouts and control future blemishes.

Finally, never pick your skin – if you really have to pop a pimple – do it the right way – see our article on “The Right Way to Pop a Pimple”